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24 Hour UMB Touch Tone Banking Service

Make your financial life simpler by obtaining information about your accounts via your telephone.

Call (601) 445-4101 to:

  • Transfer between accounts
    • From checking to savings
    • From savings to checking
    • From checking to pay on loan
    • From savings to pay on loan
  • Get checking account(s) informaiton
  • Get savings account(s) information
  • Get information about loan(s), CD(s), IRA(s)
  • Report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit Card

Safe Deposit Box

You know that a safe deposit box is the safest place to store valuable papers and other items, all in one location, and accessible only to you or your authorized representative. But do you know just how convenient and how inexpensive a safe deposit box can be at United Mississippi Bank?

  • 3x5 $ 35.00
  • 5x5 $ 45.00
  • 3x10 $ 50.00
  • 5x10 $ 70.00
  • 10x10 $110.00
  • 10x20 $160.00

Safe deposit boxes are available at most UMB locations . Available sizes may vary from branch to branch. Please contact the branch nearest you for additional information and availability. (Contents not covered by FDIC.)

VISA® Check/ATM Cards

Use at participating merchants. No fee to get your card. No checkbook to carry. No waiting for check approval! Sale amount automatically deducted from your checking account. Convenient and easy to use.

The VISA® Check Card is a checkbook and an ATM card all rolled into one.

As an ATM card, it works instantly at ATM machines throughout the world. As a debit card, the VISA® Check Card is accepted at over 12 million stores worldwide.

VISA® Card

United Mississippi Bank offers a competitive rate Consumer or Business Credit Card with no annual fee and many other additional benefits. Call today for all the details and to receive your application.

Direct Deposit

Sign up for direct deposit for your Social Security or payroll checks and you will no longer need to worry about a lost or stolen check. With Direct Deposit, you know your money is in the bank! No need to rush to the bank to make your deposit.

Wire Transfer Service

Wire transfer services are provided to our customers only. The fee for an outgoing domestic wire transfer is $20.00. There is no charge for an incoming domestic wire transfer for credit to a customer’s account. The fee for an outgoing foreign wire is $50.00. Specific information is required about you, the beneficiary and the beneficiary financial institution. Wires may be originated in person at any of our convenient locations. Wires originated over the phone will only be handled by our Wire Transfer Department. Only owners on an account or authorized signors may originate a wire against an account. Certain wires are subject to phone back verification. The phone number on the account will be contacted. Certain wires received over the phone will require a fax authorization to complete.

An incoming wire must be received for credit to an account, which has the exact name as the beneficiary on the wire. If the name on the account and the name on the wire beneficiary information differ it will be necessary for the wire to be returned to the originating bank.

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