Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is UMB Online Banking?
You can get up-to-the-minute information about all of your accounts and view all account transactions including your ATM and VISA® check card. You can transfer funds between eligible accounts including making payments on loans. You can download transaction information into money management software programs such as Microsoft Money™ and Quicken™. Another feature of Online Banking is the ability to pay bills online with Bill Pay.

All internal account transfers made after 6:00 p.m. will be posted on the following business day.
Q. What types of accounts can I view with UMB Online Banking?
With UMB Online Banking, you may view your United Mississippi Bank Checking, NOW, Money Market, Savings, Christmas Club, Certificate of Deposit, and IRA accounts, as well as loans. You must be the sole or joint owner on an account to view an account.
Q. How often is my account information updated?
Account information is updated nightly Monday through Friday (excludes Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays). For example, you will able to view Monday's account information and transactions on Tuesday. Transactions memo posted to your account during the day will also appear on your account information.
Q. What is the cost for UMB Online and Bill Pay?
  • No fees for UMB Online.
  • First two months, introductory period: No Charge.  Per month after two months as long as there is monthly payment activity: No Charge.  Per month if no payment activity during a calendar month: $3.95.
Q. What do I need to get started using UMB Online?

You will need an account with United Mississippi Bank. You will also need to fill out a  Consumer Online Banking Form or Business Online Banking Form to receive a User ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Remaining requirements include:

  • A personal computer
  • Internet access from an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Internet browser software such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator
  • Browser must be capable of 128 bit encryption (See Below)
  • Browser must have cookies enabled (See Below)
There are basically two types of encryption: 'High' and 'Standard'. The difference between these types of encryption is the strength of capability. A 'High' (128-bit) encryption is exponentially more powerful than a 'Standard' (40 or 56-bit) encryption. 'High' or 128-bit encryption means there are a septillion possible keys that could fit into the lock that holds your account information, but only one that works for each time you bank online. United Mississippi Bank uses the highest level of encryption (128-bit) to ensure your online transmissions are secure. Our Internet banking system does not support use of browsers with 40 or 56-bit encryption.
Q. How do I know if my Internet browser has the right level of security and encryption for UMB Online?
You can test your browser here. If an update is required, you will be given further instructions.
Q. What are cookies?
Cookies are a secure way for us to keep track of your online banking session. They are valid for one session only and each time you log on, you receive a new set of cookies. 
  1. On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Click the Customize Level button. Scroll down until you find the section for cookies. Select enable for both options.
  4. Click “Yes” if Internet Explorer prompts you to save settings.
Q. Can I use AOL with UMB Online?
Yes. As a long as the Internet browser you are using with AOL has 128-bit encryption, you will be able to access UMB Online with AOL. Test your AOL browser here or go to AOL KEYWORD: 128-bit encryption for more information.
Q. What else do I need to know about security?
UMB Online takes full advantage of the security provided by your Web browser and your Web server. Your transactions are encrypted as they travel over the Internet. In addition, your online account is protected by a password (or 'PIN': your Personal Identification Number). No one can access your account without knowing your PIN.
Q. How do I know my Web Browser is in secure mode?

This is evident by the 'https' that will appear in the url as opposed to 'http”. In Microsoft Explorer when browsing securely, the browser will display a locked padlock icon at the bottom of its open window, which looks like this:

In Netscape Navigator when browsing securely the browser will display a locked padlock icon at the bottom left of its open window, which looks like this:

In Netscape Navigator when browsing insecurely that same padlock appears unlocked, like this:

Q. What type of financial software may I download into?
  • Open Financial Exchange ( .OFX - for Microsoft Money)
  • Open Financial Exchange ( .QFX - for Intuit Quicken)
  • Personal Finance ( .QIF)
  • Speadsheet ( .CSV)
  • Word Processing ( .TXT)
Q. How do I register to use UMB Online Banking?
Complete the Online Banking Registration portion of the Consumer Online Banking Form or Business Online Banking Form. You may print, complete and mail this form to United Mississippi Bank or visit one of our convenient locations. Once we receive your signed registration you will receive a user ID in the mail. (Note: We do not send user IDs or PINs via e-mail since e-mail is not secure and may be viewed by other parties). Your temporary PIN (personal identification number) will be mailed to you within 3 days of your user ID. Once you have received both your user ID and PIN you will be ready to use UMB Online Banking. You will be required to change your PIN the first time you attempt to access UMB Online.
Q. What happens if I open another account after I start using United Mississippi Bank Online Banking?

Additioinal accounts will autimatically be added, unless you sign to opt these accounts out of Online Banking.

You must be the sole or joint owner on the account.

Q. Whom can I contact if I have any other questions or comments?
  • UMB Online Banking Customer Service 601-445-7000
  • Bill Pay Expert 601-445-7151
  • Click here to e-mail us 
Q. Can I transfer money from one account to another?
Yes. With UMB Online Banking you can transfer money between eligible United Mississippi Bank Checking, NOW, Savings or Money Market accounts. You may also make payments on United Mississippi Bank loans from your Checking, NOW, Savings or Money Market Accounts. You must be the sole or joint owner on the accounts.
Q. Why can’t I transfer funds online between my corporate and personal accounts?

Regulators place a strict burden on banks to limit potential liability with respect to funds being improperly moved from corporate accounts to personal accounts. A check being written from the corporation by an authorized signer, to a specific payee, provides a paper trail that can be used if, at any future date, if there is any question as to why corporate funds were moved to a personal account.

This applies to Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and partnerships.

However, those customers with Sole Proprietorship will continue to have the ability to transfer funds between their business and personal accounts.

Q. Can I Stop or modify my request to transfer funds?
Yes. At anytime until you get to the Transfer Funds Approval screen, you can modify or cancel your funds transfer request.
Q. Can I schedule recurring or future dated transfers?
Q. Can I tell when a transfer has posted to my account?

If you approve a funds transfer or loan payment, a 'Confirmation Number' will be displayed. You may use this number if you need to refer to the transfer at a later time.

If you make a funds transfer or loan payment using UMB Online Banking before 6:00 PM on a business day that we are open, we will consider that day to be the day of your funds transfer or loan payment. However, if you make a funds transfer or loan payment using Online Banking after 6:00 PM or on a non business day, we will consider that the funds transfer or loan payment was made on the next business day that we are open.

Funds transfers performed before 6:00 PM may be viewed on Online Banking on the following business day. Funds transfers performed after 6:00 PM may be viewed on Online Banking on the second business day.

Q. How does UMB Online Bill Pay service work?

There are two types of payments through UMB Bill Pay. Each of these are processed as follows:

Check Payments

If the vendor you are making a payment to is not setup to receive an electronic payment, a check is issued and sent via US Mail. The system will generate a check number. The checks will clear against your account just as if you had written the check from your own checkbook. There is no validation of available funds prior to the issuance of a UMB Bill Pay check. You will need to make sure funds are available for the check or you may be subject to a nonsufficient funds fee as stated in the Miscellaneous Fee Schedule.

Electronic Payments

These payments are processed at 2:00 A.M. CST and 12:00 Noon CST, on any business day. If funds are available at these processing times, the payment will be electronically transferred from your UMB account through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. If the funds are not available the payment will not be processed. The system will continue to try to process the electronic payment until it is processed or you cancel the payment. 

Q. How do I sign up for UMB Online Bill Pay?

You must meet the following criteria to use the service:

  • Be a United Mississippi Bank customer
  • Have a Checking Account
  • Be enrolled in UMB Online Banking service
  • Have a e-mail address

Complete the Bill Pay Registration portion of the Consumer Online Banking Form or Business Online Banking Form.. You may print, complete and mail this form to United Mississippi Bank or visit one of our convenient locations. Please allow 24 hours for activation.

Q. When can I enter payments for Bill Pay?
You control when a bill payment transaction is scheduled. Payments can be entered Monday through Friday before 12:00 noon Central Time the day of the scheduled payment date. If a scheduled payment falls on a weekend it will be processed on Friday. New payments scheduled during the weekend will be processed on Monday. All payments scheduled for a holiday will be processed the business day before the holiday.
Q. When should I setup my payments to make sure they are paid on time?
You should allow 3 business days for payments being made electronically. For payments being made by check, you should allow 5 business days. The payment method for each of your payees will be clearly identified as either 'electronic or 'check.'
Q. When will my transactions be processed?
Bill payments are processed at 2:00 A.M. CST and 12:00 Noon CST. Any payments issued via check will be printed and mailed the same day. Electronic payments will be sent for processing the same day.
Q. What is the maximum payment amount I can enter?
Since electronic payments are validated against the account balance prior to processing, and check payments settle against the your account like any other check, there is no dollar limitation on payments made through UMB Bill Pay.
Q. How many payees am I able to set up?
There is no limit to the number of payees you can have.
Q. How long may I view payment history online?
Payment history for active and deleted payees is retained and viewable indefinitely.
Q. Who, if anyone, am I not allowed to pay?
Customers cannot send an electronic payment to a payee that is not in the database. Payees are not verified for check payments. Cutomers are not permitted to make international payments through UMB Bill Pay.
Q. How will I know what payments have been made?
Through UMB Online Banking access to your account, you will be able to view an electronic payment once it has been made. A check payment will appear just like any other check payment once it has been presented and cleared your account. The payments will also be clearly itemized on your monthly bank statement.
Q. What if my payee says they have not received my payment?
If your payee notifies you that a payment has not posted, please call our Customer Service Department. We will be able to track an electronic payment and verify receipt or non-receipt. If a payee does not receive a check, a stop payment may be put on a check and a new check sent, just as you would do if you wrote the check from your checkbook.
Q. Do I need to contact my payees to tell them I am usinG UMB Online Bill Pay services?
No. Using our Online Bill Payment service will not change the way your payments are credited or how money is moved through your accounts.
To cancel or delete a bill payment that you have scheduled through the bill payment system, you must cancel the payment online via the bill payment system (by following the onscreen instructions) before 2:00 A.M. CST on the business day of the payment date you established.
Q. Can I place a stop payment on a bill payment that I have already setup?
You can cancel a bill payment as outlined in the previous question.

Once an electronic bill payment has been debited from your account, you CANNOT place a stop payment on the transaction.

You may be able to stop a bill payment by check. If the check has not cleared your account you may call or come by one of our locations to place a stop payment on the check.
You will incur stop-payment charges as disclosed in the current Miscellaneous Fee Schedule.
Q. Should I enter my Internet bill payment in my paper check register?
Yes. That way, you will be able to properly reconcile your checkbook with your United Mississippi Bank statement each month.
Q. How soon after a Bill Pay transaction takes place does it appear in my account activity?
Electronic Bill Pay transactions will normally appear in your account history the day after the scheduled payment date. A Bill Pay transaction paid by check will appear in your account history when the check clears.
Q. Can I edit a payee’s address?
No, you must set up a new payee with the correct address and delete the old one.
Q. What is United Mississippi Bank Online Cash Management?
United Mississippi Bank Online Cash Management offers cash management services that allow you to simply and securely access your business account information over the Internet. Now you can do your banking without leaving the office. Save time and streamline the banking process with online transactions, electronic transfers, tax payments, and other critical financial tasks.
Q. Are there fees associated with United Mississippi Bank Cash Management?
Basic No Charge
Bill Pay With Unlimited Payments:  
First two months introductory period No Charge
Per month after first two months $5.00
Q. How does our company enroll in United Mississippi Bank Online Cash Management?
Your company must have an account with United Mississippi Bank. Certain services may require additional agreements and approval. Please contact our United Mississippi Bank Online Cash Management Services officer at 601-445-7132 and we will work with your company to design a cash management program to fit your business.
Q. Why do I have two sets of passwords?
The Cash Management product allows for you to set up separate ID’s and PIN’s for all your employees. Each company will have a United Mississippi Bank Online ID and PIN and then each employee will have their own ID and PIN. When setting up your employees, you can also specify which of your accounts the employee has access to.
These documents represent an electronic version of the same paper documents sent to customers through the mail. Electronic documents will be sent through secure email.
Q. can customers access their electronic documents with webtv?
No. Electronic documents are displayed in Portable Documents Format (PDF). WebTV does not support PDF.
Q. How do customers enroll?
Customers can enroll for electronic document delivery through UMB Online Banking.
Q. can customers enroll for electronic document delivery for more than one account?
Yes. Customers can choose electronic document delivery for all their eligible accounts during the initial enrollent or at anytime thereafter.
Q. What is a security phrase?
All authentic emails will contain the customers 'security phrase'. If the 'security phrase' does not appear within the email notification, the email is not legitimate.
Q. will customers receive a confirmation of enrollment?
Yes. After enrollment, the customer will receive a confirmation email.
Q. What types of documents are available for electronic delivery?
Enhanced Customer Statements
Q. How will customers know their electronic documents are ready to be viewed?
The customer will receive an email notifying them that their eDocs are ready.
Q. How do customers view their edocs?
  • Click on the attachment provided in the email
  • Enter your online ID and password
    (for images, select the box, if applicable)
Q. How do customers save their electronic statement?
Open the eStatement, select the SAVE button and name the file.
Q. How long will electronic documents be available for viewing?
60 Days
Q. can electronic statements be delivered to additional recipients?
Yes. Once enrolled, the customer may establish additional receipients. When setting up an additional receipient for eStatements, the customer will enter the email address and establish a password for the additional receipient. It will be the customers responsiblity to communicate the username (customers online ID) and password to the additional recepient.

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